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July 11, 2012
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Xenomorphs vs. Jedi by ScarecrowsMainFan Xenomorphs vs. Jedi by ScarecrowsMainFan
I sense a disturbance in the Force... it says that in Space, no one can hear you scream!

Xenomorphs: The Aliens from the film of the same name, these creatures are killing machines able to adapt and survive on virtually any planet. With claws that can rend steel and acid in their veins, can anything stop the spread of this menace?

Jedi: Guardians of the Universe, rebels against the Empire, and masters of the mystical Force; these are the Jedi. They train day and night to wield great power; though whether they use it for the Light or Dark side remains the choice of the individual. With Lightsaber in hand, they are truly a force to be reckoned with.

So, who would you choose for the oncoming struggle? The constantly changing and adapting Aliens; who are faster, stronger, and more vicious then any human, and would love nothing more the to feast on the flesh of some Jedi, before offering the rest to the horrifying Facehuggers? Or the Jedi, who in order to prevent the spread of the Xenomorph scourge will bring all the power of the Force down on them, along with a little bit of Lightsaber-ing for good measure? It's up to you to decide:


(Disclaimer: Just to be clear, these two combatants were created / are owned by people far more creative / wealthier then me. I have made this, not for profit, but in the hopes of encouraging spirited discussion among fans. Please support the combatants official series. Thank you, that is all).
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HottubUSA Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Jedis, the Xenomorphs can be lethal, but the Jedi are more agile, can move things with the Force, and have lightsabers that can cut almost anything.
:shakeyoda: :shakevader: :shakemacewindu: 
CodenameEon Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
Jedi.  The most threatening thing about fighting a xenomorph is their acidic blood.  The Jedi's lightsaber would instantly cauterize it.  
Zergarikiaka Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Much as I love Xenomorphs, the Jedi would clearly win. Xenos may be able to rip through steel, but a lightsaber would cut through them like butter. The force may also alert a jedi to them being around, disabling their usual advantage of stealth. With enough range on a lightsaber, a jedi wouldn't even be phased by the acid blood. Acid can't damage light. 
TheWickedAvatar1 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
The Jedi. Between their far deadlier close range (lightsabers) and their long range attacks (Force powers) they have the Xenomorphs beat on all fronts.
JakeCrusher4 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Student Writer
I'm no expert on Jedi history, but I'm pretty sure they fought beings like Xenomorphs before. So I'm giving this one to the Jedi.
Lord2 Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
This is kind of an odd one. See, saying Jedi Vs Xenomorph, is kind go like saying a Super Hero Vs a Super Villain. There are countless different Jedi, and all of them have their own unique abilities, personalities, strengths and weaknesses. If it was Qui Gon Jinn and Obi Wan vs the Xeno Morph, I'd give it to them.

The Lightsabers would give the Jedi the Advantage, since they can basically cut through anything, and cauterize wounds as they make them, but the Xenomorphs talent for stealth is legendary. Thus, it would come down to how many Xenomorphs there were, and just how good at sensing the Jedi were, and how much information they possessed.
NatanusLikens Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
Jedi would win.  First they have the force through which they could sense any Xenomoprh coming towards them.  Second Lightsabers cauterize flesh when they go through so no acid blood anywhere.  Not to mention the number of possible force powers that would defeat Xenomorphs without the use of a lightsaber: Force Lightning and Telekinesis for example.

Frankly this would be a Xenomorph slaughter fest.
myroflknife117 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014

jedi +: their light sabers and their force powers. force lighting can stun a xenomorph (electricity stuns them, so force lighting should be roughly the same) and their light sabers would be ideal for fighting the xenomorphs and not getting ruined by their acid blood - depending on where the acid blood lands.

jedi +: not as slow as a normal human or predator even, they could jump or outrun the larger, more dangerous xenomorphs. smaller more agile xenomorphs, like drones or warriors, would still be a problem.

jedi -: they wouldn't be able to handle most of the physical (and mental) trauma the xenomorphs can inflict.

jedi -: Jedi masters and knights would be the only ones capable of going against a xenomorph and winning, padawans (And some knights) would be prone to fear and would become easy pickings for xenomorph ambushes.

jedi -: never seeing a xenomorph before, they wouldnt know how to deal with them properly. if even one survives, the xenomorphs will rise again (if the jedi don't die first) 

jedi -: leadership is always a problem with life forms who don't have a constant connection to a superior. if the jedi lost their leader/s - their ranks would fall into anarchy and chaos.

jedi -: the Jedi's Morality clouds their ability in combat, they NEVER attack first, or with intention to kill, only in self defense


Xeno +:  no fear; the xenomorphs don't care if they get hurt, or if they die. as long as the hive lives on (which is usually what they die for) then they served their purpose.

Xeno +: no mercy, no survivors, no witnesses; the xenomorphs inability to feel mercy, compassion or any sort of positive feeling for other life forms is what makes them so good at keeping their existence a secret from the rest of the galaxy. if no one lives to tell the tale, no one would be prepared for them, and a full scale military operation would never happen because no one would be able to warn anyone

Xeno +: Acid blood ensures if they are killed in melee, their attacker will join them. and if your on a ship and their acid blood eats through the hull....

Xeno +: gravity aint a bitch to a Xenomorph, they can 'walk' on any surface. so they can ambush from potentially anywhere.

Xeno +: hive mind, the queens telapathic control over the hive can reach them, potentially anywhere. they are never truly separated from their leader

Xeno +: airs for pussies. xenomorphs can be in the vacume of space and have no negative repercussions. they don't NEED to breath air

Xeno +: nightmares, dementia, skittish and psychotic. who knows what the queens telepathic mind will do to the jedi, probably turn the padawans against their jedi masters

Xeno +: get your fat-ass back here, their ability to 'see you wherever you are' (not sure if its like sonar or something) essentially fucks your ability to try and ambush them, and don't even think about running, they'll just stab you in the back

Xeno +: HOLD STILL! the xenomorphs infection form; the face hugger, is a fast and nimble little bugger, light sabers wont help you here, if you chop a face hugger in half, good chance it was leaping through the air towards you, and your about to get a mouth full of acid blood.

Xeno +: i remember you..... - the xenomorphs telepathic link to the hive allows them to essentially learn from the mistakes a single xenomorph makes, allowing the rest to adapt.

Xeno +: you think your safe down their don't ya? the xenomorphs always have the superior strength working for them. when a xenomorph is born, it inherits double (or triple) the strength of its hosts species, as well as a few other traits from its host (force sensitive alien; RUN). locking the doors wont help you, they WILL get in

Xeno +: patience and darkness are every xenomorps strength. hiding in the shadows where they cant be seen until they strike; waiting patiently for days on end until you let your guard down.

Xeno +: don't let their apparent 'feral' appearance trick you, they are FAR more cunning then they may seem

Xeno +: immortality. don't think you can leave them and come back when they're dead from age.

Xeno +: food? HA! they don't need food the way jedi do

Xeno +: its a known fact that stupidity is also the xenomorphs strength, OUR stupidity that is. how many people have died trying to turn the xenomorphs into weapons of war? how many more will die?

Xeno +: knock-knock. pizza's here. trying to make your way into the hive is a stupid thing to do for whatever reason, you might as well kiss the nearest face hugger you can, the hive is where they come from, who's bright idea was it to go INTO the damn things HOME turf?

Xeno +: they mostly come at night....mostly.  while they tend to attack in the darkness of night. they aren't RESTRICTED to doing ONLY that. they can attack at any time. and might catch you by surprise eventually

Xeno +: your mostly dead now.....mostly. yea, sure, you can still save him. he was dragged off screaming into the darkness, probably face hugged, but why not, give it a shot.... but i'm not going with you. and we're not leaving in the same ship....

Xeno -: yea, they are smart, but they cant use guns or light sabers or pilot ships.

Xeno -: not all xenomorphs have ranged attacks, whether its spitting acid or throwing shit at you, these ones are vulnerable

Xeno -: they NEED hosts to spread. sure once their numbers have reached a certain point, your boned. but without hosts their to infect, there would be no xenomorph.

Xeno -: they also need time to spread and evolve to suit their needs. they are vulnerable during the early stages of the nests construction

Xeno -: the queens nest is pretty hard to miss once you know what your looking for. and she cant move from it instantly, it takes time to detach from the egg-sack.

Xeno -: if you can eradicate them all at once, it will be over. blow up the ship they have taken over, its not that hard to do. sure, a few hundred people will be lost. but how many more will die if they reach civilization?

Xeno -: fire bad. while not 'afraid' of fire, they know that shits bad for them and will try to avoid it. but don't forget, you aren't fire proof yourself!

Xeno -: once someone learns about the xenomorphs, how they operate, what they can do. it makes it easier for others to survive, kill or outright avoid the xenomorphs
TehDARKTemplar Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hmm, this is interesting. I think that a force user would be able to sense the force signature of the xenomorphs, and once they learn just how dangerous those fuckers are, they'd be pretty quick to respond. I don't think that they'd execute the "infected" (I mean they're supposed to be the moral beacons of the galaxy), but with the force I'm fairly sure they would be able to deal with the xenos effectively. However, if the xenos can reproduce enough to the point without the Jedi knowing what's going on, then they should be able to overrun the Jedi just by sheer force of numbers. It's logic, no matter how powerful you may be, no matter how skilled, no matter how refined, if you are up against a hundred, a thousand, a million of a vastly under equipped, inferior enemy, they'll still be able to swarm you to the point where you're suffocating. 
Forsaken59 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Unless the jedi use some sort of explosive. Force or not. Numbers don't mean shit when holes are blown in. But the aliens do have those face huggers, so there will be a variety of xenos. If the jedi gets to the queen, its game over for the xenos. As mush as I hate to say it, I'd predict that jedi have this in the bag.
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